Strand / Aldwych Project

What's the proposal?

Westminster is expected to begin consultation early in 2019 on its proposals for the Aldwych and the parallel section of the Strand.

On the basis of a cabinet member report in August 2018, we are expecting the council to change the north side of Aldwych gyratory system into a four-lane, two-way road, and remove all motor traffic from its south side (Strand) except for a few local connections. This could create a pleasant space to walk and cycle. See plan below.

Plan of Aldwych

(Click image to enlarge.)

The plan we’ve seen shows no formal cycle route through the south side of Aldwych, and no way for eastbound cyclists to enter at the west end and exit and the east end.

Why a scheme is needed

Photo of Aldwych

The Aldwych is typical of the gyratory systems of the 1960s that are now largely discredited and a hostile environment for cyclists: at some point you will probably have to cross at least two lanes of fast-moving traffic. Not to mention the noise, fumes etc. Not much fun for pedestrians either!

Write to local councillors!

Could you please email your local councillors now to ask these questions, and cc us at

The questions you need to ask include:

  1. Will the Council’s plans allow cyclists to ride east-west through the south side of Aldwych?
  2. How can they enter and exit this space when riding eastbound?

Aldwych is in St James's Ward, represented by these councillors:

Councillor Louise Hyams (Conservative):
Councillor Tim Mitchell (Conservative):
Councillor Mark Shearer (Conservative):

Your message will help counterbalance the frequent anti-cycling correspondence that councillors receive.

Do mention if you live or work in St James's ward (see map below). If you do, an email written by you, no matter how short or scruffy, would show councillors that local people care about cycling. It would carry far more weight than an email from a Westminster Cycling Campaign committee member who isn’t local to St James’s Ward.

Map of St James's Ward
Map of St James's Ward