Strand / Aldwych Project

What's the proposal?

Public consultation took place in early 2019 on Westminster's proposals for the Strand/Aldwych area.

The main proposals were to change the north side of Aldwych gyratory system into a four-lane, two-way road, and remove all motor traffic from its south side (Strand) except for a few local connections. See plan below.

Plan of Aldwych

(Click image to enlarge.)

The plans showed no formal cycle route through the south side of Aldwych, and no way for eastbound cyclists to enter at the west end and exit and the east end.

The supplementary information on the webpage was helpful; but although it said there would be shared-use footways, pedestrian & cycle zones and Toucan crossings, these were not shown on the drawings.

Why a scheme is needed

Photo of Aldwych

The Aldwych is typical of the gyratory systems of the 1960s that are now largely discredited and a hostile environment for cyclists: at some point you will probably have to cross at least two lanes of fast-moving traffic. Not to mention the noise, fumes etc. Not much fun for pedestrians either!

Find out more and have your say

More detailed information can be found in the consultants' Design Summary

You can also contribute to the discussion on Cyclescape.

The consultation closed on Wednesday 13th March 2019.