Covid-19 in Westminster

For proposals on reopening Westminster’s hospitality sector, please see the Hospitality page.

Stop Westminster’s traffic tide!

This cycle lane on Portland Place has no protection and runs in the door zone. It could be
protected by floating parking bays

Westminster City Council has done some good work in response to the Covid-19 crisis, with bold road closure plans for the hospitality sector and emergency school streets – but very little to benefit cycling. 

Please make your voice heard! Tell Westminster to build safe pop-up lanes now, or face a tide of motor traffic as lockdown eases. Take our two-minute action now to #StopTheTrafficTide!

What’s the problem?

London Street: no protection, and the traffic lane is so narrow that drivers have to enter the bike lane

Right now, people are making choices about how they will get to work, school, shops and so on – and given that public transport is so restricted, it’s basically a choice between car and bike. But who will take up cycling on roads without safe space to ride in? Sadly, many of the families and new cyclists who discovered the freedom of low-traffic roads during lockdown are likely to get back in their cars instead. 

Please take action

Please, write to Westminster City Council and ask them to think again!

Using the ‘ACT NOW’ link below, fill in your details on the LCC website and adapt the email to Westminster leader Cllr Robathan to say: 

Dear Cllr Robathan,

Westminster’s traffic is already returning and air pollution is worsening. Cycling has been a joy on our low-traffic streets, but now you must act fast to allow us, our families, children and friends to continue to cycle while lockdown eases and not be forced to drive or face the risk of infection on public transport. Please:


This new lane on Victoria Street doesn’t feel safe – some wands would make all the difference.