Westminster Cycling Campaign News - January 2014

Aldwych / Strand tops nominations for improvement

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The junctions around Aldwych / Strand were the most popular choice for improvement in a recent survey.

Cyclists across London were asked which locations they considered most needed improvement. Of the sites in Westminster, Aldwych / Strand came top with 20 nominations, a long way ahead of Hyde Park Corner, with 14 nominations.


The results closely correspond to Westminster's analysis of the locations where cyclists have been killed or seriously injured. The main discrepancy is that there were a cluster of casualties around the junction of Victoria Embankment with Northumberland Avenue. Otherwise cyclists' instincts appear to be correct.

There are a number of reasons why Aldwych / Strand attracted a large number of nominations. East-west cyclists have to negotiate a five-lane gyratory system with fast-moving traffic. North-south movement is impeded by a cycle facility designed in the days when cyclists were a rarity. And that's without mentioning the difficulties cyclists face coming off Waterloo Bridge and the manoeuvres they are not allowed to make.

East-west cyclists have to negotiate a five-lane gyratory system

Westminster's draft cycling strategy seems to recognise the locations that cyclists say need improvement. The council expects to address some of them as part of its work on the Central London Grid of cycle routes. Others are likely to receive attention following an annual review of fatal and serious injuries among cyclists.

The survey was organized by the London Cycling Campaign as part of its 'Space for Cycling' campaign. The results will provide useful input to the requests to be made to candidates in each ward in this May's council elections.