Westminster Cycling Campaign News - February 2014

Royal Parks Reviewing Mall Junction

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The Royal Parks are reviewing the junction of the Mall with Horse Guards Road. This junction is not currently controlled by signals but is marked by a bollard in the middle (see photo below).

Bollard in the Mall

There are pedestrian crossings of the Mall some way from the junction in both directions. But not all pedestrians choose to use them.

Pedestrians in the Mall

A preliminary survey by the Royal Parks' consultants has found that cyclists account for 45% of vehicles passing through the junction in the morning peak. This proportion falls to 32% in the evening peak and 15% in the interpeak period.

There has been a cluster of accidents around the junction, with 30 occurring in five years. Nearly two thirds of these involved a cyclist.

Options being considered include installing traffic signals at the junction, with pedestrian phases to replace the two existing crossings. As well as eliminating congestion and conflicting movements at the junction, this arrangement means that cyclists continuing along the Mall would no longer risk being stopped at two crossings.

The Royal Parks are also considering options for the Duke of York steps. 108 cyclists have been counted carrying their bikes up the steps in the morning peak. And the steps are obviously an obstacle for people with wheelchairs or pushchairs or who simply find steps difficult.

Duke of York steps

Options being considered for the steps include a channel for wheeling cycles or a lift inside the buildings to one side. A ramp is more difficult, given the gradient and heritage considerations.

The bollard at the junction with Horse Guards Road is the famous one around which David Cameron was filmed by the Daily Mirror cycling the wrong way in 2008. BBC News report