Westminster Cycling Campaign News - May 2014

New crossing improves access to Kensington Gardens

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A new crossing has been installed at an entrance to Kensington Gardens.

The new toucan crossing of Bayswater Road, at Black Lion Gate, enables eastbound cyclists to reach the Broad Walk in Kensington Gardens, which is shared-use for pedestrians and cyclists. A new cycle track along the footway, shown in the photo, allows cyclists to reach the crossing and wait, if necessary, for the green cycle signal.

The crossing at Black Lion Gate
The crossing at Black Lion Gate

Before the crossing was improved, it was for pedestrians only and far narrower. Most eastbound cyclists entered the park by doing a right turn at the crossing, which could be a difficult manoeuvre.

As a separate project, the Royal Parks expect to make improvements to the area around the gate, with a view to reducing conflict between cyclists and pedestrians. Discussions are continuing about improving the entrance to Kensington Gardens at the south end of the Broad Walk.