Westminster Cycling Campaign News - June 2014

Delamere Terrace: what's the hold-up?

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A scheme to allow eastbound cycling along Delamere Terrace, designed in February 2012, has still not been implemented.

Eastbound cyclists following the Grand Union Canal are currently blocked from cycling legally when they reach Delamere Terrace, which is one-way westbound. The scheme would allow them to share the north footway with pedestrians. The south footway and the canal towpath would continue to be used exclusively by pedestrians.

Our count conducted in April showed that cyclists are the largest group of users of Delamere Terrace:

Pie Chart 1

The vast majority of the eastbound cyclists (97%) were using the north footway, apparently without causing any problem. Indeed some were able to safely pass pedestrians walking three abreast. None was using the canal towpath.

Pie Chart 2

Pedestrians were distibuted among the two footways and the canal towpath:

Pie Chart 3

All three successful candidates in the recent Westbourne Ward election said they supported the Space for Cycling request for two-way cycling along Delamere Terrace. A scheme has been designed for this (see plan). Bollards have been removed from the edge of the footway to facilitate cycling. All that is now needed is to install the shared-use signs. This is a rare example of a quick win that politicians so like to achieve.