Westminster Cycling Campaign News - October 2014

Cycle Counts: rising trend continues

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Cycle counts conducted this summer have continued to show a rising trend.


The largest increase this year was on the cycle superhighway along Grosvenor Road, where the number of cyclists was up by 16% compared with last year. The second highest increase was at Brook Gate, Hyde Park, by the Park Lane crossing, with an increase of 8%. At Albion Gate, Hyde Park, there was a decrease of 8% this year, following an exceptional increase of 31% last year. So this year's count was still in line with the rising trend set in earlier years.

One of the most significant things about the counts is the increase since the beginning of the century: the number of cyclists has grown roughly six-fold on Grosvenor Road since 1999 and five-fold by the Park Lane crossing since 2000.

These counts are conducted most years by Westminster Cycling Campaign. Further details »