Westminster Cycling Campaign News - October 2014

Westminster's U-turn on One-way Streets

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In a reversal of the policy it followed for several decades, Westminster has now questioned whether one-way streets are still appropriate.

As a cautiously worded report to a recent meeting of Westminster's Environment Policy and Scrutiny Committee put it,

It is timely to review whether it is appropriate to review some or all of the city’s one-way roads and determine whether it would be preferable to return them to two-way roads.

The report goes on to consider a number of one-way streets that could be candidates for conversion back to two-way. These include:

Photo of Aldwych
Intimidating one-way systems like Aldwych could be phased out.

The council also recognises for the first time the recommendations of the Roads Task Force - see our news item in November 2013 - Roads Task Force: what's in it for Westminster cyclists?

A further report on the policy and wider issues will be considered at the committee's meeting on 19th January 2015.

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