Westminster Cycling Campaign News - November 2014

East-West Cycle Superhighway: Westminster proposes alternative route

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Westminster has proposed an alternative route for the East-West Cycle Superhighway. This is the one between Acton and Tower Hill, the so-called cycling Crossrail.

Transport for London's proposal had been to route the Superhigway along Birdcage Walk and through Parliament Square to reach the Victoria Embankment. Westminster is now proposing to route it along the Mall, through Trafalgar Square and down Northumberland Avenue.

Westminster has a number of misgivings about TfL's original proposal. As well as general concerns about the effect of any displaced traffic on streets away from the route, the council is concerned about the effect of banning the right turn for motor vehicles from Westminster Bridge onto the Victoria Embankment. This would mean that any motorists wishing to drive from the bridge onto the Embankment would have to go round Parliament Square before coming back to do a left turn onto the Embankment, increasing the already extremely high volume of traffic using Parliament Square. The council also doubts whether the Square could accommodate the expected number of cyclists.


Westminster's proposal is to run the route along the service road along the north side of the Mall, known as the Horse Ride and already a popular cycle route. From there it would pass through the island with the statue of Charles I in Parliament Square and down Northumberland Avenue, possibly along a cycle track down the middle of the road.

These proposals were presented to Westminster's Environment Policy & Scrutiny Committee on 10th November. Please see the committee papers for further detail. The Committee agreed that the alternative proposal should be developed further.