Westminster Cycling Campaign News - December 2014

Elgin Avenue: Westminster rejects 20mph petition

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Westminster council has rejected a petition to introduce a 20mph limit in Elgin Avenue.

Photo of Elgin Avenue

As the photo shows, Elgin Avenue has car parking not only along each side of the street but also down the middle. This leaves insufficient space for a motor vehicle to overtake a cyclist safely, as well as limiting opportunities to cross the road safely.

In its response, the council said that, although there had been 33 personal injury accidents in the past 36 months, the police had considered that speed was a contributory factor in only three of them. It is of course impossible to tell how many injuries would have been less serious or avoided altogether if a 20mph limit had been in force.

The council also said that the 85th percentile speed in the street was 31mph. This of course means that 15% of vehicles were exceeding 31mph.

The council did however acknowledge that 11 injuries had been sustained at the junction of Elgin Avenue with Shirland Road. It has therefore agreed to develop ‘a more meaningful road safety scheme’ at this junction.

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