Westminster Cycling Campaign News - March 2015

What's happening about Cycle Superhighway 5?


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Work has now started on Cycle Superhighway 5 at Vauxhall and across Vauxhall Bridge. But many cyclists must now be wondering where the route will go on Westminster's side of the river.

Vauxhall Bridge Road was originally the proposed route for Cycle Superhighway 5 (see main map). After Westminster objected that it would displace traffic onto local roads, a number of other routes were investigated and put out to public consultation. Although a two-way route on Belgrave Road proved the most popular with cyclists, Westminster doubted whether it was feasible. So attention has now turned back to Vauxhall Bridge Road.

A number of options were presented to a stakeholder meeting on 25th March:

Belgrave Road

This would be a one-way cycle route from Drummond Gate to Belgrave Square via Belgrave Road and Eccleston Street (see map below).

map of CS5 on Belgrave Road

The main proposal was for an advisory 1.5m cycle lane along most of the length of the route. Existing car parking would mostly be retained, with the cycle lane running outside it. The cycle lane would be interrupted by three bus stops. It would swerve to the left through junctions. The right turn from Lupus Street into St George's Square would be from a cycle lane on the left-hand side.

There would be a physically separated cycle lane at the approach to Buckingham Palace Road, with separate signals for cycles and other traffic. The council resisted suggestions to allow cycle access to and from the route over the closure at the junction with Gloucester Street. They also resisted suggestions for contraflow cycling from Bridge Place to Gillingham Street, past the Passport Office.

Vauxhall Bridge Road - Option 1

This option involved removing one traffic lane between Francis Street and Regency Street and dividing the carriageway into:

This arrangement would apply in different directions along different sections of the road. The bus lane + general traffic lane arrangement would apply where there were bus stops.

TfL were looking at a new crossing between Francis Street and Upper Tachbrook Street. This could allow cycle access into Francis Street (currently 'no entry').

Vauxhall Bridge Road - Option 2

This involved removing one lane of traffic and running a 3-metre two-way cycle track along the NE side of the road, extending the track due to be constructed in Bessborough Gardens and across Vauxhall Bridge. At the NW end of the route, cyclists would continue into Francis Street or cross Vauxhall Bridge Road.

Floating bus stops outside the cycle track would be part of this scheme.

Access across the cycle track to/from the petrol station was a potential problem.

What happens next?

TfL will now investigate these options further and carry out traffic modelling before coming back with more concrete proposals.