Westminster Cycling Campaign News - June 2016

Chelsea Bridge improvements nearly complete

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Chelsea Bridge - before

Chelsea Bridge - after

Improvements are now almost complete on the junction at the north end of Chelsea Bridge.

The main improvement so far has been to extend the cycle lanes in the roads approaching the junction right up to the junction. Previously they stopped short of the junction, making it difficult for cyclists to reach the front of a queue of traffic. The first photo above illustrates this problem.

Transport for London also intend to provide a two-stage right turn for cyclists turning from Chelsea Bridge into Grosvenor Road. This will be achieved by providing a waiting area on the left, across the exit from the Chelsea Embrankment. However, the traffic signals to allow this manoeuvre have still to be installed and the waiting area has still to be painted on the road surface.

This junction is the point where Cycle Superhighway 8 turns between Chelsea Bridge and Grosvnor Road, along the Thames. It is also the point where many cyclists join or leave the Cycle Superhighway.

As the second photo shows, the extended cycle lane seems to allow a good number of cyclists to reach the front of the traffic queue. But will it handle ever-growing numbers of cyclists?

Link to TfL's plan of the scheme »