Westminster Cycling Campaign News - June 2016

William Street improvements nearly complete

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William Street - before

William Street - after

Work is nearly complete on improving the cycle route through William Street. As the photos show, a two-way cycle track has now replaced the old arrangement, where splitter islands separated northbound and southbound cyclists.

During public consultation, Transport for London also proposed improvements to Albert Gate, the other side of Knightsbridge from William Street: 'Two-way segregated cycle lane with separate cycle signals in the centre of the carriageway, improving the alignment of the existing facility and reducing the potential for conflict with vehicles and pedestrians using the gate into Hyde Park.' Work does not yet appear to have started on this part of the scheme.

William Street, the crossing of Knightsbridge and Albert Gate form part of the 'Ambassador' cycle route, stretching between Chelsea Bridge and Paddington via Hyde Park. This was one of the first cycle routes to be implemented in the 1980s and has proved popular with cyclists ever since. The restricted width of the section through William Street has always been a problem and we are pleased to see it addressed. Some doubts remain, however, whether the scheme will be able to accommodate ever-growing numbers of cyclists.

Link to video of William Street »