Westminster Cycling Campaign News - July 2016

Westbound cycling reintroduced on Jermyn Street

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With the opening of a new contraflow cycle lane, westbound cycling has now been allowed along Jermyn Street from Haymarket to Regent Street, St James's – five years after it was banned.

Junction with Haymarket

The new contraflow opens up a useful westbound cycle route, avoiding traffic both on Piccadilly and on Pall Mall.


The section of Jermyn Street from Haymarket to Regent Street St James's has had a fluctuating history in recent years. From 1999 to 2011, it was westbound for all traffic. There was a with-flow lane for cyclists, who were allowed through a gap in the central reservation of Regent Street to continue into the remaining section of Jermyn Street. In 2011, the direction of traffic was reversed; we called unsuccessfully for the with-flow cycle lane to be converted into a contraflow one. At the end of 2013, an order was passed for a contraflow cycle lane, which has only just been introduced.

The contraflow lane was part of a package of measures that cyclists were offered in 2013 following an outcry over the lack of provision for cycling in the scheme for Haymarket and Regent Street St James's.


Apart from contraflow cycling in Whitcomb Street – a feature of a proposed Quietway – all four measures have now been introduced. Contraflow cycling in Panton Street is, however, currently blocked by some road works – and a defective sign half way along.