Westminster Cycling Campaign News - October 2016

Lancaster Gate Obstacle to be Removed

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After many years of campaigning, work is currently in progress on removing the obstacle that the Lancaster Gate gyratory system presents to eastbound cyclists.


As the map shows, eastbound cyclists currently face a difficult and indirect M-shaped journey from Bayswater Road into Hyde Park via Lancaster Terrace, Westbourne Street, Stanhope Terrace and Brook Street. When the current works are completed, there will be a direct route past the Underground station to a safe right turn into the park.

The Lancaster Gate gyratory system is a relic of outdated traffic planning and highly intimidating for cyclists. A count in July 2000 showed that 72 of the 194 eastbound cyclists passing through the area between 08:00 and 09:00 did so illegally on the south footway of Bayswater Road in order to reach Victoria Gate into Hyde Park.

Illegal cycling

The current proposals are to convert the section of Bayswater Road past the Underground station back to two-way and provide a cycle track from Westbourne Street to Victoria Gate, where cyclists will be able to turn right safely into the park. (See plan (PDF)) The main caveat is that cyclists proceeding straight ahead will have to be in the right-hand lane as they approach the junction with Westbourne Street at the end of the gyratory system, in order to avoid conflict with left-turning traffic.

Photo of works

Transport for London expect the works to be completed in December.