Westminster Cycling Campaign News - August 2016

Saltram Crescent: has Westminster ignored its own policies?

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Westminster appears to have ignored its own policies in designing a one-way scheme for Saltram Crescent.

In order to reduce through traffic, the council has made the two ends of the street one-way in the outward direction but not made any exemption for cycles.

End of Saltram Crescent

Westminster's Cycling Strategy, November 2014, states: “The Council will seek to replicate, where practical, some of the types of improvements implemented in recent years to help improve connectivity and safety for cyclists. These include… ‘point no entry’ facilities such as the one at Green Street, Mayfair, (whereby cyclists are permitted to make a turn that is banned to other traffic). ” Earlier documents had similar policies which equally seem to have been ignored.

Before implementing the scheme, Westminster carried out extensive consultation with local residents. The Saltram Crescent, Fernhead Road & Shirland Road Triangle Traffic Management Residents’ Working Group said: “To the fullest extent reasonably possible, we would like any traffic calming measures implemented to be “bicycle-friendly”. Our concerns are with motorised vehicles, not peddling at a reasonably sedate pace.” So local residents are dismayed that the no-entry scheme has gone in without an exemption for cycles.

The council's reaction is as follows:

Dr Bike at Saltram Crescent

Wednesday 7 September 2016 3.30-7.30pm

Location: South end of Saltram Crescent W9 3JR at junction with Shirland Road. We will be encouraging local people to lobby the Council to modify Saltram Crescent's new ‘No Entry’ restrictions to include ‘Except cycles’ plates. Our Dr Bike mechanic will offer free cycle checks and minor adjustments. Our volunteers will provide cycling information, including maps, route planning, information about proposed cycle routes, advice for people new to cycling, and advice about considerate cycling. We'll also have a colouring-in activity for children and various freebies.