Westminster Cycling Campaign News - October 2016

Baker Street: LCC emergency motion on Westminster

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At its Annual General Meeting on 15th October, the London Cycling Campaign passed the following motion:

Noting Westminster City Council’s recent decision, on to proceed with the Two-Way Baker Street scheme despite:
  1. clear opposition for LCC on the basis that the proposed scheme has serious deficiencies for cycling
  2. Cycling Level of Service assessment showing the proposed scheme has critical failures
  3. majority opposition, after two public consultations
  4. in particular, the responses from anyone opposing the scheme on the grounds of lack of support for cycling were discarded.
Given the Borough’s strategic location at the centre of the road network, and it’s history of hostility toward cycling, calls on the Board to:
  1. Campaign vigorously, and to the fullest extent possible, for real change in attitudes towards cycling by Westminster City Council, including a reversal of the decision to proceed with this scheme, as proposed.
  2. Demand that the Mayor withdraw Transport for London funding from this scheme.
  3. The Mayor and all boroughs to include Cycling Level of Service assessment scores in the consultation of all schemes.

Photo of Baker Street
Baker Street

Earlier this year, Westminster consulted the public about a scheme that included part-time cycle lanes each side of Gloucester Place. As well as failing to protect cyclists outside their hours of operation, these cycle lanes left cyclists exposed to conflict with left-turning vehicles and offered no assistance in turning right. The council had previously rejected the option of a segregated cycle track with separate signal phases for cyclists.

Having considered the response to its consultation, Westminster has made some small improvements. Cyclists will be able to avoid Gloucester Place north of Dorset Square by using an alternative route through Melcombe Street (contraflow) and Glentworth Street. The will connect with a link into Regent's Park at the north end and with TfL's crossing of Marylebone Road at Harewood Avenue / Enford Street. (See map below.)

Map of Glentworth Street

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