Westminster Cycling Campaign News - December 2016

Lancaster Gate: two-way at last!

Photo, December 2016

After many years of campaigning, the section of Bayswater Road past Lancaster Gate Station has now been converted back to two-way operation.


Until now, eastbound cyclists following the Bayswater Road had to go round two sides of the Lancaster Gate gyratory system. This was an intimidating experience because of the need to cross streams of fast-moving traffic. Not surprsingly cyclists were involved in a number of collisions along Lancaster Terrace, the NW arm of the gyratory. Reversion to two-way creates a more direct route. It should also be safer, once the approach from the west and the link to Victoria Gate to the east have been completed.

The new arrangement should eliminate illegal cycling along the footway, which many cyclists found a more attractive option than riding round the gyratory system.


Over the years, a couple of alternatives were considered:

The remainining sections of the East-West Cycle Superhighway in the Lancaster Gate area are scheduled for completion early in 2017.