Westminster Cycling Campaign News - February 2017

Westminster's first cycle hangars granted planning permission

Westminster City Council has granted planning permission for two cycle hangars outside 18 Ilbert Street, W10 4QJ.

Cycle Hangar
A cycle hangar of the type to be installed

Westminster's planning officers had advised against granting permission, on the grounds that Ilbert Street was a in a conservation area. We are grateful to Queen's Park Community Council, Councillor Heather Acton, Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Councillor Brian Connell and others for supporting the Ilbert Street on-street bike hangar planning application, with the result that the committee decided to grant permission.

Since conservation areas account for a large part of Westminster, it is extremely useful that the council has agreed to the principle of having cycle hangars in them. Otherwise it would have been difficult to install them elsewhere in the Westminster.

We understand that the hangars will be installed in March. However, permission was granted only for their temporary installation. Unless permission is obtained for making them permanent, they will have to be removed by 31 January 2018. Although this may make the hangars less attractive to potential users, we understand that a lot of interest has already been shown in using them.

After the hangars have been installed, the council will identify any issues that need to be addressed in any future roll-out as well as finding future possible sites for installation. Cycle Hoop, who provides the hangars, has a website (http://www.cyclehoop.rentals/) that allows residents to request them in their street and the council will be linking to that as part of the promotion.