Westminster Cycling Campaign News - February 2017

Measures to cut Air Pollution in Westminster

Westminster has recently taken two measures to reduce air pollution.

Picture of smog

In an effort to reduce the amount of polluted air in Central London, Westminster Council is to become the first council in the UK to charge extra to park diesel cars. A trial period from April will result in drivers of diesel-powered cars and vans paying an additional 50% to park on the streets in Marylebone.

The council says that the extra money raised through the trial of the scheme will be spent on boosting sustainable transport. If the scheme succeeds in changing people's behaviour, it could be rolled out to other parts of the borough.

Westminster has also made an order prohibiting engine idling by waiting vehicles. Offenders will be liable to a penalty charge. The order will apply to any area of carriageway in the City of Westminster designated as a parking place, loading bay, recharging point, taxi rank or terminal point, and to any length of street where waiting is restricted (shown by yellow lines) - but not to vehicles queuing at traffic signals. The order will be enforced by the council's parking attendants.

The Mayor of London said on television on 12 February that he is very keen to start a diesel scrappage scheme in order to lower the levels of nitrogen dioxide that are poisoning Londoners.