Westminster Cycling Campaign News - April 2017

East-West Cycle Superhighway: further progrss

Recent weeks have seen further progress on constructing the East-West Cycle Superhighway.

The junction of Birdcage Walk - Great George Street with Storey's Gate and Horse Guards Road has reopened with new traffic signals, including an advance start for cyclists.

Storey's Gate
The junction of Storey's Gate with Great George Street.
Northbound access is now restricted to cycles.

Ar the junction of the Mall with Marlborough Road, new signals have been installed and cyclists now have a more direct path across Marlborough Road.

The Marlborough Road crossing: the old arrangement
The Marlborough Road crossing: the new arrangement

The new cycle track along Constitution Hill is now open, but it is currently shared with pedestrians while the old segregated path is being refurbished for pedestrians' exlusive use.

Constitution Hill
Constitution Hill

In Hyde Park, the connecting path has opened between the West and South Carriage Drives.

The only sections that remain to be completed are:

The last two are unlikely to start before the end of this summer's ceremonial season.

The map below summarises the current state of progress.