Westminster Cycling Campaign News - April 2017

Rescue the last survivor of Westminster’s Quietways: Sussex Gardens segregated cycle tracks

Many of Westminster’s proposed Quietways were empty vessels with no real cycling superstructure, and most sank without a trace after public consultation. But the Sussex Gardens segregated cycle tracks proposals survived the voyage of public consultation as part of the Bayswater Road to Edgware Road Quietway, captained by Councillor Heather Acton until she left the helm of Westminster’s cycling programme.

Now this survivor must navigate enemy waters alone: the Sussex Gardens segregated cycle tracks will have their own public consultation on a traffic management order (see the plans), separately from the rest of the Quietway. We think enemy forces will attempt to torpedo this flagship cycling facility. They’re battle-hardened from fighting Crossrail works, the East-West Cycle Superhighway 3 and the Paddington Cube, and they won’t give up control of this four-lane strait without a fight.



Please take a few minutes to email tmo.westminster@wspgroup.com (quoting ‘Bayswater Road to Edgware Road Quietway (Eastern Section), reference 7287/PJ’) to say you support the scheme.

What else should you say? Make sure you mention (in your own words):

If these proposals aren’t sunk by enemy action, then maybe proposals to continue this Quietway from Edgware Road to Fitzrovia will resurface…

Westbourne Terrace
The west end of the proposed Sussex Gardens cycle tracks would link to existing East-West Cycle Superhighway 3 tracks on Westbourne Terrace (above).

A similar scheme is proposed for Sussex Gardens (below).
Sussex Gardens

Norfolk Crescent
A contraflow cycle lane is proposed for this section of Norfolk Crescent.