Westminster Cycling Campaign News - January 2018

Cambridge Circus: complete but incomplete

Work seems to have stopped on Westminster's project at Cambridge Circus. But some details are still incomplete.

A new advance stop line for cyclists in Charing Cross Road north of the Circus allows SE-bound cyclists from Soho easily to exit from Moor Street while traffic is stopped for the adjacent pedestrian crossing:

The exit from Moor Street

A bus stop was moved further north to make this possible.

Going NE from Cambridge Circus along Shaftesbury Avenue, there is now what could well be London's shortest cycle lane:

The cycle lane in Shaftesbury Avenue

The cycle lane ends when it runs from Westminster into Camden, who will probably extend it as part of their West End Project to convert Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street back to two-way traffic. As well as (possibly) assisting cyclists, the lane helps to keep high-sided vehicles away from a tree that leans towards the carriageway.

A westbound contraflow cycle lane has been installed along Litchfield Street,leading to the junction with Charing Cross Road, where there are new traffic signals:

Photo of Litchfield Street

This could be useful for westbound cyclists coming from Covent Garden, except that the approach to it is along a section of West Street that is still one-way in the opposite direction:

Photo of West Street

The Cambridge Circus project included a proposal for contraflow cycling along West Street. This was included in the recent traffic management order, but it has not yet been implemented.

A couple of proposals have been postponed until Camden implement their West End Project, namely: