Westminster Cycling Campaign News - February 2018

Eccleston Yards sets new standard for cycle parking

A recent development in Belgravia has set a new standard for visitor cycle parking in a commercial development.

Outer Circle
Cycle parking at Eccleston Yards

Grosvenor describes its new development, Eccleston Yards, as "a new hub for independent businesses, innovative entrepreneurs and creative talent, located on the boundaries of Victoria and Belgravia". It is situated between Ebury Street and Eccleston Place. The main entrance is near the Audi garage, in the direction of the Travellers' Tavern pub and Victoria Coach Station. There is another entrance from Ebury Street, about 70 metres along the street from the Ebury Wine Bar.

Many brand-new developments in Westminster fall short on cycle parking for visitors and customers on bikes; so it is nice to report that this development offers 72 covered cycle parking spaces in a two-tier arrangement. There is however a limitation that the development closes overnight; so you need to make sure that your bike doesn't get locked in when they close the gates in the evening.

Opening times are currently:

Monday to Friday5.30am to 9.30pm
Saturday 7am to 7pm
Sunday 8.15am to 5.45pm

Grosvenor's aim is to encourage activities related to fitness as well as beauty treatments in the area and in Eccleston Yards itself. The fitness centre appears to be the only occupier so far, and it was closed on the Sunday when the photographs were taken. There are several units which have the names of the tenant “Coming Soon”. Security staff have said that the closing times on Saturday and Sunday will be revised later once things become more active.