Westminster Cycling Campaign News - February 2018

20mph for Royal Parks?

The Royal Parks are currently consulting the public about their proposal to reduce the speed limit for motor vehicles to 20mph in Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St James’s Park and Green Park. Roads affected would include the Mall, Constitution Hill and the Outer Circle of Regent's Park.

Outer Circle
The Outer Circle of Regent's Park is one of the roads affected by the proposal.

Although the current speed limit is 30mph on most of the roads affected, speeds as high as 85mph have been recorded on the Outer Circle.

The Royal Parks argue quite convincingly that, as the speed limit is 20mph in the areas of Camden adjoining Regent's Park – and even some Westminster streets near Hyde Park – it does not make sense to have a higher speed limit in the parks.

The Royal Parks are also proposing to increase the car parking charge from 60p to 70p per 15 minutes in Regent's Park and Hyde Park and to discontinue the lower rate on Sundays and bank holidays (currently 35p).

To find out more about the proposals and how to reply, please go to the Royal Parks web page.

And the gates to close?

Westminster City Council and Crown Estates Paving Commission have written to LCC to confirm they will not oppose closing the gates of Regent’s Park to through motor traffic as part of the proposed new Cycle Superhighway 11 (CS11). After many months of rows and delays this now clears the way for CS11 to finally be implemented.

For more information, please go to the LCC web site.