Cycle Parking in Westminster

Cycle parking sign

Cycle Parking in Catherine Street

In the narrow streets of Soho and Covent Garden it can be difficult to find locations for cycle parking stands. Putting them in the carriageway, like at this site in Catherine Street, is a good solution. And several bikes can be parked in the space required for one motor vehicle.

Please support your local cycle hangar

photo of hangar

Westminster City Council has plans for 29 new cycle hangars. 

But there is opposition - PLEASE send a quick email in support by Wednesday 12 February!

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Suggesting a cycle parking site

You can send Westminster a message suggesting a cycle parking site.

It should be on the public highway and not private property. It should also be somewhere that is not hazardous to passing pedestrians.

Lack of parking on Charing Cross Road

Bikes parked informally often indicate a lack of cycle parking stands. Telephone boxes are often situated in places suitable for cycle parking. New cycle parking stands are being installed as part of new developments here along the Charing Cross Road.

Abandoned bikes

An abandoned bike

Bikes left abandoned on cycle parking stands not only are a blot on the landscape but also reduce Westminster's already limited number of cycle parking places.

In order to get an abandoned bike removed in Westminster, you can report it to .

Before removing abandoned bikes, councils have to leave a notice of their intention on them for seven days and to retain them for 14 days after removal.

Contrary to popular belief, councils do not usually remove actively used bikes locked to street furniture unless they are dangerous or causing an obstruction.

In the private Sheldon Square, you will need to report abandoned bikes to